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This journal is now 'friends only.' If you want to read it, comment and I'll add you. Have a nice day.
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add me, my sister's friend. i'm gonna add you.
Wee(etc)! Sounds good.
im hip and cool and from daport ADD ME!
I add you, you add me.
Add me dear kick ass person who made my kick ass layout. It owns. Thanks!!!!
Of coure, mate. ..Enough with the 'thanks' already. LoL
I added you.
And you're added back.
would you like a blue or red comment?


February 1 2005, 17:33:46 UTC 12 years ago

Wow,you make me sick......
hi! i don't know you, I don't think.. lol well I know you're Mylan's friend, but thanks for the happy birthday! hehe i feel so loved!! lol

Hello. I changed my journal again. The old journal was static_life and saturnfly.

Will you add me?
actually, i have a new journal as well.


i'll add you under that one.
Hello.Why Pioneer DV-79 dvd player picky about dvd-r -
Hello,This is my second Pioneer dvd player. My first DV-37 did fine for a couple years using shrink and dvd decrytper. But it started to frezing and stuttering in some movies.I thought it was the player.I upgraded and to a DV-79 and it is worse.What is really frustrating is DVD's will play in a cheap $50 buck dvd player, tried several differnt ones.So I know they do play.But why want they play all the way through in a $500 player.Is Pioneer so sensitive?Plays orginal dvd fine, but only about 75 % of my back-up's play till end.I am using dvd fab, free version to rip.I us SONY dvd burner. Two differnt SONY models, in 2 different computers. Same results.Nero to burnI have used Verbatim media since the early days of DVD Decrypter.Any advice will be much appreciated.My kids love to carry dvd's to there friends and I would rather they use the back-ups.And I would rather use the back-ups.Much more conviennt.And btw, the back-ups are not scratched.These problems happen on first play.Thanks again'jwalk2c

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